3,221 Memories & their Influence on Rest

Childhood photographs, thread, needles, cloth

Everything we do sticks around; it manifests in memories, both conscious and subconscious. Each memory is affected and altered by experiences before and further defined by ones that follow. These early experiences drive the underlying core of the internal self. It’s the subconscious and intrinsic responses that show up in the external self.

The outward manifestations of these root experiences happen and can be left unquestioned or analyzed to help further define the person that we want to become. The flurry and chaos of memories –both good, bad, and mundane—support and inhibit the ways we exist, take up space, and rest. Rest, not in the sense of sleep, but existing without anxiety and second-guessing.

Seeming to float on the surface, when you look underneath the covers, into the boundaries of our body cavities, there lie the experiences we hold to cherish, unlearn, and reconstruct. The foundations and scaffolding of ourselves.

Katie Hudak, Installation art, Artist, Seattle, Photographic Center Northwest, Katie Hudak-Kay
Katie Hudak, Katie Hudak-Kay, Found photographs, PCNW, Photographic Center Northwest, Seattle Art
Katie Hudak-Kay, Katie Hudak, Installation art, Seattle Artist, found photography. PCNW
Installation Art, Seattle, PCNW, Katie Hudak, Katie Hudak-Kay, Artist, Found photographs
Katie Hudak-Kay, Katie Hudak, Installation art, Seattle Art, PCNW, Found photography